The “New Normal” of Coronavirus Pralaya and the Intelligence of Hindu Deities

The oldest living and longest surviving human civilization is founded in the existence of higher intelligence, a more intelligent way of living, beyond human fear and greed. The entire Hindu civilization is strengthened upon and based in living according to higher intelligence, avoiding to get swayed by human lust, fear, and greed. The world’s oldest civilization exists because for 10’s of thousands of years this civilization followed the conscious principles of life and reproduced great enlightened leaders who proved pure non-violence was possible as a lifestyle, and a Temple-based, Deity-based, intelligence-based society was real, it was possible, and it was alive! This is only why Hinduism has been a living civilization for so long – because the people who LIVED and followed Hindu life RECOGNIZED that intelligence, and higher intelligence, exists BEYOND human limitations – intelligence exists beyond human doubt and fear, intelligence exists independent of human limitation. This is what is Deity – the intelligence beyond human limitation that has foresight, knowledge, intuition available as an EXPERIENCE as a life, as life. The Deity is Life, the Deity is Alive, the Deity is Living – and intelligent independent of human doubt, lust, fear and greed. Intelligence is independent of human doubt, and it can be experienced, summoned, and provide guidance. This is the strength of the world’s most successful, the world’s oldest, the world’s longest living, the world’s most prolific society of intelligence, of longevity, of equity, and prosperity. The ancient civilization of Sanatana Hindu Dharma exists today, longer than any other – because of the independent intelligence of Deities – catch this! Yet! None of the 200 countries recognized by the United Nations recognize THIS: how to be more intelligent than humans – how to benefit from Intelligence, from an independent intelligence and being connected to the higher, independent intelligence – the higher intelligent beings – not a SINGLE COUNTRY today protects the existence, the worship of, the connection to – the living with higher intelligence, with a higher intelligent being. Then WHAT are we living for? No place protects the intelligence and Life of Hinduism’s living Deities – their homes are invaded and sold for gold. It’s happening now. It’s not too late but it’s happening now. Stand up for Hindu Deities and their lasting contribution to planet Earth. It is needed to take all of us beyond the “New Normal” of Coronavirus fear and insecurity. What will we have if nothing beyond the human culture of doubts? The oldest and most successful culture is available, but it’s fading fast before our eyes, AND even when we are NOT looking! Visit (2 September 2020) ————————————— Visit us around the web: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: ————————————— #HinduismNow #News #Hinduism

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