10,000 Crores Withheld from Hindu Temples, TN | 90 Countries Don’t Recognize Hinduism as a Religion

The Indic Collective has compiled statistics digitized by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department of Tamil Nadu. The HR&CE has been requested for years to produce information on Tamil Nadu’s more than 38,000 identified Hindu Temples. The statistics compiled from the HR & CE is a shocking indictment of the long time abuse of Hindu culture and life in Tamil Nadu – it is a very sad state of affairs that points as the tip-of-the-iceberg only for the emergency state of Hindu civilization in India as well as worldwide. The statistics reveal: 1. More than 25,000 acres of Temple lands have been encroached by land-grabbers. 2. This totals more than 10,000 crores ($1.36 billion USD) of Temple lands under encroachment including land that simply was registered under people who BORE THE SAME NAME as the Temple Deities! 3. An appalling 70% of Temple lands, in the single state of Tamil Nadu alone have been illegally squatted, encroached upon. 28,500 notices have been sent to encroachers of more than 3,800 Hindu Temples having recovered over 14 crores rupees ($2 million USD) thus far. 4. The Tamil Nadu government already issued a Government Order (GO) labelling the encroached Temple lands as “unwanted lands” in an attempt to “regularise” the encroached lands which would result in the Hindu Temples in Tamil Nadu simply losing the encroached upon properties. The Temples themselves are not considered by the government of Tamil Nadu as even being stakeholders in the process of resolving encroached land and property. The Yogapada, Charyapada, Kriyapada, and Jnanapada of Hindu conscious principles from Vedas-Agamas makes up the scientific lifestyle of making benefit out of intelligence – how to embody intelligence that exists independent of human doubts and fears. Hindu Deities embody such intelligence. Hindu Deities radiate the intelligence beyond human doubt and fear. Hindu Deities bless you with your own possibility for intelligent life, beyond human doubt. However, out of nearly 200 nations officially recognized by the United Nations today, not to mention the more than 700 nations NOT officially recognized by the United Nations, there is not a single official Constitution of any nation that protects the intelligence of Hindu Deities and not a single Hindu country today. No country stands for and protects Hindus and the liberation sciences of Vedas-Agamas that have proven to be the most successful lifestyle for more than 5000 years and the ONLY tradition able to incorporate any and ALL GODS without discrimination, no conversion rituals, and working simply for HUMAN UPLIFTMENT, conscious liberation FOR EVERYONE – this is EXACTLY what humanity NEEDS NOW for the post-COVID “New Normal” – a PROVEN way for humans to get along, in sustainable communities while resolving conflict and disputes through lasting solutions – fixing oneself, and correcting oneself – aligning oneself to adapt to changing needs and leadership, rather than throwing in the towel out of frustration and resignation. kailaasa.org/globalservices (7 September 2020) ————————————— Visit us around the web: Facebook: https://facebook.com/HNGlobalPress Youtube: https://youtube.com/HinduismNow Twitter: https://twitter.com/HN_Global_Press Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hinduismnowgp/ ————————————— #HinduismNow #News #Hinduism

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