Sadhu Commits Suicide After Public Shaming by Police | Temple Overrun by Non-Veg Neighbours

A 42-year-old Hindu healer and Sadhu who committed suicide earlier this month was allegedly intimidated and beaten by police for impeding the conversion of Hindus living in the area. Sivanadiyar Saravanan of Salem district in Tamil Nadu was reportedly thrashed and shamed August 14 in front of his children and villagers by a group led by a Sub-Inspector of Thevoor police station. According to locals, Saravanan was a Hindu healer who conducted pujas and provided an effective solution for healing for people in the area. It is alleged that healing by the Sadhu was causing an impediment for missionary militants in the area looking to lure people to convert away from Hinduism by the promise of healing along with conversion. Saravanan said in a video he recorded after the assault that he was unable to maintain his dignity after being abused in front of his children and neighbours, “Sub-inspector…beat me up thinking he can do anything with the power he got,” he said. (The Commune) Sarvanan was reportedly tending to healing 2 people at the time he was thrashed and beaten by a group lead by the local Sub-Inspector. Saravanan’s mother had told that she saw marks of physical torture on her son’s body behind his neck, shoulders, back, upper arms, and buttocks. (The Commune) Another interesting point is that the post-mortem of the body was done on the spot, the body was not taken to the hospital for post-mortem. Reportedly, the locals in the village and Saravanan’s neighbours had very high regards for him and mentioned he was a good man who simply went about doing his work without disturbing anyone. (OpIndia) A Mariamman Temple near Ramakrishna Mutt in Mylapore has reportedly been squeezed to close its doors by a neighbouring biryani shop serving non-veg outside the Temple entrance – the Temple has been closed for months due to Coronavirus but after re-opening its doors recently it is finding itself embroiled in the non-veg restaurant cooking and serving right outside the Temple entrance. (The Commune) “There is a respect that needs to be given to the God. That respect has to be shown by everyone – be it Christian, Muslim or Hindu. They are cooking and selling the biryani just outside the temple,” said the Temple Priest. (The Commune) The Temple is said to be more than 150 years old and the Priest says many people used to visit for healing and receive neem leaves and blessings from the Deities but they are being deterred by the atmosphere of people eating non-veg outside the Temple and the noise and smells, even all evening, are also keeping visitors away. (The Commune) Because the Temple has no hundi it is dependent completely on what people offer on the arathi plate for survival – now that people are less willing to come near the Temple, the Temple has been locked and a board put up explaining why the Temple will no longer be open. (The Commune) (6 September 2020) ————————————— Visit us around the web: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: ————————————— #HinduismNow #News #Hinduism

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