Perumal Temple Tank Reminds of Lost History

A Sangam-era Temple tank inside the holy city of Madurai is at the center of a struggle reflecting the broader challenges facing modern humanity as a whole: people lead by a consumerism mindset and mass media exploitation away from the once-fulfilling lifestyle lived by ancient civilizations such as Hindus following Veda-Agamic scriptures. Temple tanks, priests, and entire traditional Hindu communities are being completely erased as today’s generation youth see Hinduism as nothing but another “religion” and set of book-based beliefs. Temples are forgotten, the lifestyle is lost, and the most successful civilization known to humanity is disappearing for good. A slough of legal battles and 6 long years resulted in 93 shops being removed from the South side of the Koodal Azhagar Temple tank in the heart of Madurai, a majestic Temple abode of Sri Vishnu. The tank was completely surrounded and cut off from view over years by peddler’s carts that slowly became walled installations. Neglect and lack of interest by Hindus in their culture, a lack of awareness of the need to protect what is being destroyed, and a lack of willingness to stand up strongly to preserve the ancient culture has lead to the destruction of Hindu life, a grave loss in the lives of modern Indians and for humanity at large. The Temple reportedly dates back to the Sangam era and is mentioned in Sangam literature including Madurai Kanchi and Silapathikaram. The push continues to remove the remaining 100 semi-permanent shops that have cut the tank off from public view. The tank has been dry for years although was once a greatly-celebrated space holding Perumal Teppam frequently. One of the greatest stories and histories in the world is the vast knowledge and cultural success of the Tamil Sangam dating back 11,000 years of human history in South India. Sadly, only a handful of living Hindu Temples remain in Tamil Nadu. The same can be said for the rest of India. The Koodal Azhagar Temple tank has more recently been used as a garbage dump, public drain and toilet – a sad state of affairs for the world’s 2 billion Living Hindus. The Temple and Deity were at one time installed by 4 Azhwars. These and other treasures are especially important not just because of the physical beauty and history, but mostly because of the healing impact and life-changing effect the spiritual sciences have on the lives of people. Hinduism is just as much an inner-science of liberating humans, as it is a “regular religion”. The point, purpose, and benefit of Hinduism is much more about the inner spiritual sciences of liberating a conscious being – much more than binding anyone with rules and dogma. What the world needs most, even right now during Coronavirus is the ability to blissfully endure change and energetically live amongst angst and confusion. Humans need to know how to deal with confusion, doubt, and fear more than anything else. When we simply and clearly see what is important for sustaining life, we never would have become so dependent on a system that can disappear within just a few months, or short years. Humanity needs the spiritual sciences of Hinduism now more than ever. The Koodal Azhagar Temple tank clearing is a stark reminder of this. (12 September 2020) ————————————— Visit us around the web: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: ————————————— #HinduismNow #News #Hinduism

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