The Hindus Who Followed Ved-Agamic Lifestyle 

Life is all about what you cognize as you, not what you do outside. Life has nothing to do with what you feel about you or with you, it is all about what you do to others. Having a broad space keeps you absolutely integrated and continuously manifesting life. Manifesting life is manifesting the spiritual powers and abilities of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Having a large expansive inner space makes you manifest life with tremendous depth and maturity. Few people realise the Madurai Aadheenam Guru Sampradaya itself stretches back at least 15,000 years! Hindu tradition is maligned by mass media militants as backwards and fruitless but they’re the only living people showing roots straight back to 15,000 years ago! This should be a strength point for Hindus to stand upon. There can be nothing “backwards” about the world’s only surviving civilization spanning more than 5000 years and being founded upon the ability to incorporate any and all Gods and adapt and reinterpret time-tested conscious principles to ANY modern need and challenge. 15,000 years is way way beyond what any other human system can claim, and spans a much longer time frame than what many traditions cognize as even possible. The Guru Sampradaya of Vedas-Agamas is time-tested and foolproof, acid washed over thousands of generations. And this is precisely why the modern mass media cults and consumerism-pushing cults target all Hindu leaders. People LIVING Sanatana Hindu Dharma must be the first to be eliminated – then what will remain? If Coronavirus is proving nothing else, it is proving simple, time-tested, healthy, supportive communities are the best plan for stability and sustainability. Moving away from thousands of years of success is what has imposed decline to Vedic Dharma, nothing else. It is not the weakness of the tradition from 15,000 years, but rather the weakness of Hindus in not aligning to Vedic rituals and lifestyle. Be very clear, Hinduism is not merely “tradition”, it is Agama – the applied sciences of the pure science of Vedas. Vedas-Agamas is the only system proven to be self-rejuvenating and persevering more than 5000 years to now. The strength of Hindu life is founded in the CONSCIOUS PRINCIPLES of Vedas-Agamas, that’s why it exists – and because of the Gurus who LIVED IT, that’s why we know about it today. (18 September 2020) ————————————— Visit us around the web: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: ————————————— #HinduismNow #News #Hinduism

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