Parashakti’s LIVE Akashic Reading Revelations of 1 May 2021

Next Live Event is May 4 @ 4pm IST (330am PST)

Next Live Event is May 4 @ 4pm IST (330am PST)

During Parashakti Arulvaaku, Devi Mahamari directly manifests to Bless the world and reads from the Cosmic Archives. Being in the presence of the Avatar during such times is of greatest significance as one’s brain, neurons mirror that of the Enlightened Consciousness and the Cosmic Principle Truths.

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Akashic Readings Arulvakku from Devi Parashakti Herself:

Whatever has happened, happening, yet to happen are all recorded in Space, the Cosmic Archives. Only a Being who has gone beyond time and space can access these records from the Cosmic Archives. Devi Parashakti, the Divine Cosmic mother, will be answering your questions (it can be personal or global, related to anything) and revealing answers directly from the Cosmic Archives.

Requirement to post questions: Please post your questions only if you are willing to follow the spiritual guidance given by Devi Parashakti manifesting through Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Nithyananda Paramashivam, otherwise it will be a negative karma.

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